Meet Martin – our Micro Loan Co-ordinator

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  1. Joanna Beamish

    Hi Martin,

    What a great interview! It is good to hear about what you like in Brazil and see you looking so relaxed , you have definitely taken on board the Brazilian way of life! I am really interested in your blogs about the micro finance projects , to have so little and give so much seems to be a theme in Brazil. The generosity and welcome that they give to all the volunteers shines through in all the articles I have read here. Looking forward to finding out more.

  2. Keith Smith

    Hi Martin
    Look forward to following your progress over the coming months hopefully through the help of videos please keep them coming..
    Best wishes to all over there Keith.

  3. Rosalba Brandim Howson

    Hey Martina and Martin well done with this video it is a great way of telling your story. I look forward to seeing many more.

    1. martina

      Thanks, greetings to Chipping!

  4. Jenny Doran

    Great to put faces to names. Really enjoyed the video. I in 8 people are hungry in the world and your project will certainly make inroads in rural Brazil and help to feed the people.

    1. martina

      Thank you, Jenny!

  5. martin

    Thanks everyone! We will keep you updated.

  6. John Stancliffe

    It was good to see and hear from you Martin. Looking forward to future videos!

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