Yes, I want to learn English!

What really surprised me was to find out that my students at the Agricultural College are motivated to learn English. Maybe you ask, what is so surprising about that? Everybody needs English nowadays! But you have to imagine a different reality. We are in the northeast rural Brazil, far away from the industrial south and the  big multinational companies and where it is very rare to meet a  tourist or a  foreigner.


During the first lesson the students had to answer three questions – if they like English, if they find it useful for their life and finally if they want to learn and understand English. Just to help them to be as honest as possible, I didn’t ask  them to write their names. I was expecting anything but the final result was a surprise. All of them (except one) want to learn English and they understand the importance of a new language, to improve  better job opportunities, to travel out of Brazil (they mentioned Slovakia a couple of times; flattering and at the same time make me smile as not everybody in Slovakia speaks English). Or to marry an American woman – why not – it is said that love is the best motivation.

Indeed, I was surprised and happy about the honest answers  those teenagers gave and I think this ‘revelation’ will keep me going for a long time!



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  1. John Stancliffe

    When I visited the agricultural college we had to tell them where we came from in Portugese which was a challenge, so I am pleased they are learning some English.

  2. Keith Smith

    Hi Martina
    Good to hear your students interested in learning English.
    Had the same experience as John when there in 2010.
    So keep the good work going.

    1. martina

      Thank you Keith!

  3. Joanna Beamish

    This is very interesting Martina. I am intrigued that it is not just the idea of better job prospects that makes them want to learn English but also the idea of a challenge and increasing their knowledge, this is a lesson we could all learn as we have a culture here now where education is purely to ‘get a good job and earn lots of money’ whereas an increase in knowledge and understanding is priceless!

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