Troops move in to Rio shanty town


BBC News Report

Brazilian police backed by troops, helicopters and armoured vehicles have moved into shanty-towns near Rio de Janeiro’s international airport.

More than 1,300 security personnel were involved in the operation in the Caju and Barreira do Vasco neighbourhoods.

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  1. How do the people living in the favelas feel about their living area being ‘pacified?” I wonder how it changes their daily lives. It would be interesting to know.

    1. Hi Jenny, Gabriel asked that very question. Check out the response.

  2. is it for the benifit of the people who live there or is it because the world cup
    and olympic games are being held in brazil?

  3. From what I read about Brazil it would definitely not be for the people who live there.
    Am sure the answer is the events to be held in 2014 & 2016.

  4. A lot of genuine people in the favelas but they just get treated as rabble by anybody with any authority these people live everyday in fear of traffickers that doubles with troops in their village will children arrive safely home from school or the little one playing on steps outside could be shot simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time traffickers or troops do not care who gets in their way in any favela anyone of any age is expendable people in power do not care.
    The authorities charge favela people the same amount for utility services such as electricity water or waste disposal as the people living in Ipanema, Copa Cabana, Lebon, or Lagoa unfair? yes.

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