Congratulations to Pope Francis champion of the disenfranchised

Pope francis


Let’s hope his voice is frequent, loud and clear when leading on social and economic injustice.

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  1. Pope Francis appears to be a truly Holy and humble man, a good choice, and good that he is from Latin America. However, he is also ‘unwaveringly orthodox’ so will he aim to transform the Church’s approach to the crucial issue of contraception? Also celebacy and women’s ministry?

    1. Hi Liz, You make some interesting points about his stance on gender equality whilst at the same time he is a proven champion for those who suffer the reality of economic inequality. An interesting dichotomy.

  2. I am happy that Francis is from my continent and I hope he provides a voice for people who come from the global south. He does seem to be politically progressive whilst being socially conservative. I feel hopeful that he will open the windows of the church to allow the Holy Spirit to fill our tired hearts and minds with her grace!

    1. Hi Rosalba, Yes I agree that these early days of his pontificate have provided a real sense of hope that the church is going to lead by example on humility and outrage at the plight of the poor.

  3. We now have our new Pontif Pope Francis from Argentina.
    Brazil and all South American countries must be so excited .
    He sounds a good and caring man from reports on the media.
    May he be able to fulfil his duty as he wishes.

    1. Hi Anne, Yes an interesting observation as to how much room for maneuver Pope Francis will have, within the Vatican, to be his own man. As to a response from the Brazilian people on having a South American Pontif, have a read of Rosalba’s comment.

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