The truth about the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics in Rio

This YouTube video tells a very interesting story of how the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics are being used by big business, politicians and the police (all intimately connected) to remove the poor from their homes to provide business opportunities for the wealthy.

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  1. Mary

    Wow, thankyou Beth for sharing this film clip with us. Its a shocking insight into the plight of the those living in the favelas, as if the struggles are not enough! These are peoples homes, families, communities ,as we saw for ourselves when we visited. We must all do our best to raise awareness and support the voices that cry out against such blatent injustice. I wonder how many atheletes would be happy to participate or supporters to attend, if they new about the real cost to real people. Lets hope the government, in their shame, are forced to relook at their strategy.

    1. Joe Howson

      As in most of the world Brazilian politics is governed by big business and transnational corporations – most politicians have been ‘put’ in place to protect and further the interests of the ‘big players’. Even radicals like Lulu had to get into bed with the ‘big people’ (as they are known in Brazil) otherwise he would not have been ‘allowed’ to govern. I am not sure that it is possible to shame the government, as the government is intimately tied into the whole process of removing the people from their homes. If you look back over the history of the Olympics it has happened in just about every major city where the games have taken place – yes – even in England!

  2. Dave and Shelagh

    Unfortunately athletes (and probably footballers even less) are unlikely to protest or boycott these events . This was illustrated at the Beijing games where despite China having one of the worst human rights records in recent history (please look into the case of the Dalai Lama and Tibet) just about everybody turned up. If you are a” professional” sportsman with a limited time in the limelight I’m afraid such issues are likely to be secondary. Would you jeopardise your career / livelihood for your beliefs ! ! ! Sorry – surely the only answer has to be pressure groups and raising public awareness – very difficult in a time of recession.

  3. sandra farmer

    Thanks Beth for posting this very disturbing Youtube video. It exposes some very harsh realities. Certainly it challenges us all to consider how best to respond on many fronts.
    And surely the scale of all of this and the obstacles and past histories should strengthen our resolve to act … to think laterally ……and not become complacent?
    The power of millions of people objecting is a power indeed.
    And now is too late for many Brazilians….. but NOT too late for many many more!

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