Street children united!

In 2014 the beautiful game returns to its spiritual home: Brazil. Brazil will host teams of street children from up to 20 countries, drawing from a network of outstanding projects all campaigning for the rights of street children. This will ensure that street children’s voices are heard and that they will have the chance to play in the festival of football.

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  1. This is an inspired project. Imagine how thrilled the children must be to be involved in such an exciting event. Let’s hope it is given a high profile in the world media and gives these children the attention and support they deserve. Politicians and big businesses are always happy to be seen supporting sporting events!

  2. Great initiative the street children world cup,

    It allows kids to believe in their dreams.
    I am posting on this blog because we work on something very similar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    We a group of volunteers, offer street children or children in need with incredible opportunities. Our project is called and we look for volunteers to teach children and teens.

    We wish all the kids participating in the world cup great success!


    1. i have worked with street childern in kenya can be off help let me

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