How naive…I should know better

Thankfully the rains have  arrived in North East Brazil; though  too late for farmers to catch up with the usual planting protocols and too late to avoid the grinding poverty that will follow.
Fabiana family

But help and support is at hand in  the form of  a BR$9 billion package for the North East  announced by the  government as new action against the drought.  Surely an indication  that the  government is  doing something to help and  heartening to think that those who control the purse strings were showing that they appreciate the problems and care about the people. A welcome contradiction  to the cynical claims that  the people of the North East are largely ignored because on the ground cost benefit studies shows  insufficient  voter leverage to make it worth the while of investment.

Stop the hurrahs because on closer reading, the spirits sank as  I discovered that a third of the money covers the cost of deferring debt repayments,  a chunk is to cover a scheme announced in 2012 ( much of which has already been spent) and a further chunk is to extend social payments.  Not the capital investment potential it suggests!

And guess what ? One of the governors in the region is a possible election rival in 2014.  Home from home.


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  1. Droughts in north east Brazil have often been used as a political punch ball and way of diverting much needed investment. The misery of some is often seen as an opportunity to others. It is always the poor who are suffering the most who get the least from the resources that were intended to support them. In its very small way perhaps VinB’s micro loan project is a way of getting much need investment to families who really need it – this sort of initiative cuts out all the middle men and the politicians – there are no hidden agendas and the ethos in which the resources are made available is one of solidarity, support and partnership. Perhaps small really is beautiful!

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