Droughts in north east Brazil…. political punch ball

It is always the poor who are suffering the most who get the least from the resources that were intended to support them.

Droughts in north east Brazil have often been used as a political punch ball and way of diverting much needed investment. The misery of some is often seen as an opportunity to others.

In its very small way  VinB’s Micro Loan Project is a way of getting much need investment to families who really need it – this sort of initiative cuts out all the middle men and the politicians – there are no hidden agendas and the ethos in which the resources are made available is one of solidarity, support and partnership.

Perhaps small really is beautiful ?


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  1. Keith Smith

    True what you say Joe it is really disgusting the treatment the farming people of the Northeast are getting after a poor rain season.
    I guess anyone who speaks out risks an unpleasant life or being blown away altogether such is life in Brazil.
    Do hope that the VIB micro-loan scheme can take off and be at least a small help to Northeast farmers who need help most.

  2. sandra farmer

    I am struck by the dedication, principled thinking, steadfast aspirations and loyalty of the good folks involved in this initiative. It is truly fascinating and frequently heart-warming to read of accomplishments, new actions and especially the simplest comments from either Brazil or elsewhere.
    I wonder if contributors might reflect back and declare what aspect of VinB they each consider particularly positive.
    (I ask this on a day when the world news seems too abundant in tragic stories…. I admit it…. I’m looking to you guys to re-hearten me! )

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