It’s hot, too hot today!

Do you know what the Brazilians from Piauí share with the English?

Surely there are other  traits to compare, but commenting on the weather is a very important part of almost all social interactions. Even if you know only a little Portuguese, you can easily start up conversation with: Calooor, calor demais! (Hot, too hot!) And the advantage is that it is applicable for all the days of the year!Tava onde

And another question: Do you know what the Brazilians from northeast share with the Slovakians?

Just to explain the connection – me and Martin are Slovakians, probably the most famous Slovakians in Cristino Castro.

It is said that we, Slovakians, like to complain.  (There is always something to complain about, isn’t there?). Whilst we enjoy a wide range of complaints, Brazilians keep it simple- it definitely will be something about the weather. And most probably about the hot weather!

One would think that Brazilians are accustomed to the hot weather, and that they will not pay extra attention to it. But the opposite is true. They are as affected by the heat as we are. When I ask my students why they are so tired and sleepy, they will answer: Because it’s too hot today! Usually I am tempted to respond – well, as any other day – welcome to Piaui, but I just nod in agreement. It is true that they often find it quite difficult to concentrate, as do I. But then, when I check the weather forecast for Europe, suddenly I stop  complaining  and  feel very grateful to be right here!

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