Enough food for everyone IF

The Big IF London event on Saturday 8 June will begin IF’s 10-day campaign in the lead up to the G8 summit.


  1. Oooh this does look promising. I love the potency of that wee word “IF”….. but it requires U and U and yes U too …. for IF to realise its potential.

    1. Hmmmm after exploring the IF sites more thoroughly, yet again my shoulders sink with despondency…. Why does Latin America always seem to be ignored? I fully understand, applaud and support the notion that Africa needs huge amounts of help/aid….. but there are many, many other places in need too. At a time when the world is thinking “Brazil” – in terms of sport in several world-stage ways and investments related to sport and to Brazil’s sudden rise in the economic development stakes – surely investigative journalists will want to peek behind the “success” stories……

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