A helping hand for Edilma and Raul

Lending a helping hand with a micro loan to farming families, who are struggling with drought and rising living costs to stay on the land, is a practical way of expressing our solidarity.
This week Martin, our volunteer who supports these families has been to meet Raul and Edilma who are about to receive a loan to extend their chicken rearing unit.


  1. Thanks Martin good to see film of what VIB is aiming to support.
    Shows something is happening out there.
    Please keep up the good work.

  2. It was good to see the film with so many young chicks. very topical for Easter

  3. I am very happy with the voluntary work of Martin in Brazil, especially in Cristino Castro. Uncle Ralph and Aunt Edilma really deserve this opportunity. Unfortunately the weather conditions and the lack of government incentives generate problems in the development of subsistence agriculture.
    Many thanks to all and congratulations on this initiative.

    Fico muito feliz com o trabalho voluntário do Martin no Brasil, mais especialmente em Cristino Castro. O Tio Raul e a Tia Edilma realmente merecem uma oportunidade dessa. Infelizmente os fatores climáticos e a falta de incentivos governamentais geram problemas no desenvolvimento da agricultura de subsistência.
    Desejo um bom trabalho a todos e Parabéns pela iniciativa.

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