Towards a solidarity based economy

Intuitively I know that ‘small’ is nearly always  best. But faced with the huge problem of hunger,  can ‘small’ be a sustainable solution ?  I have been encouraged recently by the  idea of  social  currencies.  It is a  concept that  sits well  within the field  of micro finance  and community based living.

Social Currency

If anyone has time and could do some research for us,  useful  starting points could  be  the  BBC report  and a more recent article by  Shane Huges .

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  1. What I find really encouraging about these initiatives is that ordinary people are beginning to take control of their own circumstances. So often we feel powerless against the might of big institutions, especially banks. In these examples the traditional, profit making banks are simply removed from the equation – money is put at the service of the community rather than increasing share holder profits.

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