Visit to the Town Parliament in Cristino Castro

Last  Friday evening students and teachers from the Agricultural College travelled to the Town Parliament  in Cristino Castro to present  the College, and explain its work to the MPs and townspeople. Martin explains why the College needs to find additional resources and support here.

townHallvisit3For most of the students  it was their  first  visit to the Town Parliament combined with a rare opportunity to visit  the town. Almost all the students wanted to take part, so we managed to put 30 students in 4 cars to travel the 6 Km to town  (yes, 30 students in 4 cars is possible). I was impressed by the effort they put into preparing it and  dressing for the occasional. For a while I felt like we are going to the theatre to see an opera!

It was a surprise to me that so many people, including the MPs in Cristino Castro, did not know about Agricultural College which is just 6 km out of the town and which is so  beneficial to the region.


The College Director made an impressive speech and  our students were on their  best behaviour.  It made a  great impression on  the MPs who have arranged to visit the College  and promised more support and co-operation. (And also, during the informal part of the evening MPs were joking about offering citizenship to me and Martin, so soon we might become Cristinocastrenses).

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  1. Hi Martina,

    It is great to see that the Agricultural college is being recognised by the local politicians. Lets hope they don’t try to take control!

  2. What a good idea it was Martina ! Not only did the students have an interesting evening they were also excellent adverts for the college itself . Who knows what seed has been planted within those students for the future raising of their aspirations.

  3. Wow, fantastic, well done guys! Lets hope the students and college get real support and that there is good and healthy interaction with local politicians.

  4. Thanks for the comments! Hopefully it will bring real results for the college and the students.

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