A modern day David v Goliath

You sometimes wonder how successful an individual can be in taking on the might of large corporations. This Channel 4 news story describes one woman’s fight against the largest oil company in South America. Now there’s a challenge!

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  1. sandra f

    Haunting! That response from BIG government….. Oh my!

  2. Joe Howson

    It is inspiring to see that the community has turned down the oil money. It is interesting that the oil company has offered to build schools – but what to they plan to teach? My guess would be that the school would teach the children how to become effective labourers and technicians in the oil industry! The children would become dependent on a wage rather than the forest. The forest would become a commodity, something to be bought and sold, something to be exploited in the name of progress and profit. I hope and pray that the community will continue to resist the oil company – this is not one woman’s fight against the oil company – it is the struggle of a whole community. Through them the earth herself is resisting the destructive power of the oil company.

  3. Dave and Shelagh

    Very interesting video and I agree with the sentiments – my cynical musings turn to wondering whether this report would have had such a profile if a European (Brit) had not been involved ! ! Who’s up for some “fracking” in Blackpool ?

  4. John Stancliffe

    I visited Equador a few years back and visited a tribe cellled the Payameno which were going through a similar problem. Not sure of their outcome.

  5. kath jordan

    They must resist the oil company and the government. The oil company
    can only see the profits they will make in the short term not the long term damage
    they will do to the area.

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