Micro loans making a difference

Neto is making great progress with the construction of his chicken shed, that will enable him to extend his flock and increase egg production on the farm. He had raised most of the finance himself and just needed a helping hand to finish it off. That’s were the students from Longridge High School came into the story. Inspired by the plight of farmers in North East Brazil and wanting to help they did some fund raising to support Neto and his family. Here he talks with Martin about his strategy for making the  shed last.


  1. What a blessing to receive these video clips of Neto and his project and to have Martin there to translate for us all. I am sure the students of Longridge High will really appreciate, as we all do, being able to actually watch the hands on development. How lovely to feel that connection and see Neto’s enthusiasm and gratitude. Most impressed with his awareness of the names of some of the students and his speaking directly to them….forging links, great stuff!

  2. Thanks Mary! We are trying to make as personal videos as possible … and Neto is very good person for recording – very natural 🙂

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