Land grabs = fuel for cars = hunger

Promoted as a green solution to the our energy needs, biofuels are now an integral part of the EU’s energy policy. So we breathe a sigh of relief and think it’s an answer to renewable energy until we become aware that as much as 60% of the land taken through land grabbing maybe taken out of food production and put into bio mass crops. Multinationals are trying to displace Guarani communities in Brazil, and turn the land to growing sugar cane for ethanol production. The sad thing being that growing crops to feed our cars provides more profit than growing crops to feed the hungry. Action Aid are doing a great job bringing this message home.

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  1. This gets the point across very well -it is very creative and poignant. It is interesting to note how many of us thought that bio-fuels were a big step forward in our search for alternatives to oil – which of course they are. But whilst the ‘driver’ behind bio-fuels production, is not a cleaner environment, but financial profit, then bio-fuels will have a negative impact on the natural environment, peoples livelihoods & food production.

  2. Another unbelievable saga…… but I admire the energy of these dudes in alerting others about it all! Good to hear about of a wrong being publicised and hopefully action-aided upon!

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