Paying the price

Christian Aid, in this new report, asks the question … who pays the price for the hidden cost of Tax Injustice?


Ana Maria Ayala’s maize crop was completely destroyed by floods in El Salvador in October 2011. Most of El Salvador’s farmers rely on what they can grow in their smallholdings. Inequality, an unfair tax system and lack of government investment in agriculture mean almost half the population live in poverty, and one-third of all children aged under five die from malnutrition.

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  1. Oh dear – after a brief time indulging in lighter banter this one hits hard. I cannot read beyond that stark statement that one in eight of the global population is affected by hunger. ONE IN EIGHT! (I had to go back into the report to check I had it correct! ) 1 in 8 oh my goodness….. WHY?
    I know the Report will “feed” my puzzlement….. but something holds me back from reading on….. I feel I need to let that stark and horrific statistic sink into my being… into my consciousness…..
    … And the “Enough food for EVERYONE …. IF” is fast becoming a mantra.
    IF we all spent a few minutes reconstructing that statistic with a “What if…… ” agenda…. I wonder what marvellous ideas might arise?
    One in eight…………….. one in eight………

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