A journey of discovery

Rosalba and I have have just returned from journeys to Fatima in Portugal and Santiago de Compostella in Northern Spain, both centres of world wide pilgrimage. It was wonderful to experience people from across the globe participating in personal and communal journeys of spiritual reflection.


Being in these places where people gather to reflect on their life’s journey feels very special and the ethos and atmosphere created helps one to venture into one’s own heart. The journey into our ‘internal’ landscape is often more adventurous, scary and arduous than the rugged paths of the camino. I set out on this journey with the hope of finding a clear camino (path) for our future – I might just have found one!

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  1. Sounds good -” being in an atmosphere of reflection with others”- It would be good to take part in in such a pilgrimage . Glad your path is clearer

  2. Oh Joe and Rosalba, thank you for this! It brought back lovely memories of various summers when I travelled with friends through campsites in the SW of France and indeed en route to Madrid in Spain. We met lots of rather special folks – radiant in their quest to travel to/from Santiago de Compostella. Each group wanted to share their the stories of their pilgramages. I rather think there’s a cameo/camino evening of jackanory quality ahead! What sayest thou Joe?

    1. Sandra – The path is clearer but I am still carrying too much ‘baggage’ – when the load is lightened I will tell my tale of inward adventure – but on the condition that you share your unfolding journey!

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