Denis is ready to go….

Currently studying at the Agricultural College, Denis is the first student to receive a Micro Finance Loan. Here a rather  nervous Denis talks with Martin, our Coordinator, about himself and how he will use the loan.


  1. Interesting video – 70 kilometres to many people in the UK would be prohibitive and we have cars/buses/trains. Would be very interested in further videos of this and the other projects just to keep us informed as to how things are working out. Thanks for the effort (and the technology)

  2. I am really pleased that we are now providing support to young farmers in the region of Cristino Castro. One of our key goals has always been to try to help create the conditions in which young people and families choose to stay on the land in their home communities rather than migrating to the big cities like Rio de Janeiro where they will often end up living in the favelas. I am looking forward to hearing how Denis gets on with his project and how other young farmers can learn from his experience.

  3. well done to Denis getting a micro loan, I hope all goes well with the chickens

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