Oziel’s web of influence

ozielMeet Oziel Gabriel.  A member of the Terena tribe who was protesting over land grabs in Sidrolandia, part of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sulclashes, when he was shot dead by police according to fellow tribesmen who took pictures and video of the incident and then immediately posted them on Facebook.

According to Joao Fellet, of BBC Brazil, it took only hours to make headlines abroad, which prompted an unusually speedy response from the Brazilian Justice Minister who called for an immediate investigation. Students from the tribes are increasingly adopting the power of social media to raise awareness of their plight within Brazil.  When the national media fails indigenous groups maybe harnessing the power of ‘virtual activism’ will have a greater impact!

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  1. Joe Howson

    It is great to see the indigenous communities of Brazil and other places around the world standing up for their communities and nature. Once you sever the interconnectedness between people and nature then you are asking for trouble. Indigenous peoples are often portrayed as primitive and yet these ‘primitive’ people would never have caused the ecological destruction that we in the West are causing. They have a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of life. I think history might turn the tables on who is considered to be primitive!! Time will tell!

  2. Jenny Doran

    How sad for Oziel and his family, friends and supporters! Good to hear the positive side of social media putting the power of communication in the hands of the people and not the controlled or biased media. I wish them luck.

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