GRAB … grab … grabbing

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  1. A powerful piece! Well done Oxfam! Yet as I sit here in my comfortable lounge…… I confess I have such feeble understanding of what it must be like to be a victim – and there are so many – of such Grabs. And it is hard to accept that this is real-life drama!

  2. oooh I had wanted to share this on Facebook….. but I realise I have merely “Liked” it! And thus the link is not directly to the video….. Is this a case of my confusion or is the “share” option not available?

    1. Start playing the video and then select the ‘watch on YouTube’ icon (bottom right). It will then continue playing in YouTube from which there is a ‘Share’ button. Selecting this will give you the option to save to Facebook.

      1. ok cheers!

  3. So simple yet effective – I know many teachers use short clips in lessons to illustrate various issues ( a productive use of Social media ! !) This would certainly fit the bill. Thanks editor – I have followed your steps and shared it on Facebook

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