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G8golfIf you haven’t had chance to read the numerous communications from the G8 summit at Lough Erne this week, then for starters,  have a look at the Tax declaration (with a little hint towards land grabbing … declaration 7,  just in case you miss it). Have you read it? Now re-read but this time replace every ‘should’ with ‘will’ and you will (no pun intended) get a feel for what we were hoping to hear!

What others are saying …


The public argument for a crackdown on tax dodging has been won, but the political battle remains. Future G8s and G20s must urgently finish the job.   Sally Copley (article)


The G8 has asked all the right questions but has been thin on answers… (it’s) woken up and smelled the coffee but has failed to agree a tax deal that helps the poorest countries. Until this happens lives are on the line. This year has been a warning to tax dodgers that their days of ripping off rich and poor countries alike are numbered. But tax dodging is a dark stain that needs more than a quick wash, and the G8 must agree a plan to get the global tax system whiter than white this year. (article)


Transparency and access to information for the people CAFOD works for in the poorest countries will mean they have the chance to ensure companies and governments can be held to account, increasing pressure for money flows to deliver for the poorest communities and to support changes in the global food system that at present keeps 1 in 8 people hungry. (article)


So there are no positive commitments to do anything. That’s incredibly weak.


We were promised a bang, but this is a whimper. It is simply a wish list.

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