Millions protest across Brazil


Dramatic scenes of protest across Brazil as millions take to the streets to demand change.  What started as an increase in transport costs that attracted 10,000 protesters has become a million person march against corruption, police brutality, poor public services and excess spending on mega-events. As Jamaime Schmitt put it,

There are no politicians who speak for us. This is not just about bus fares any more. We pay high taxes and we are a rich country, but we can’t see this in our schools, hospitals and roads.  Guardian report.

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  1. I have just watched the pictures on television , a million people across Brazil protesting, maybe something will get done now before anyone else dies or gets badly hurt ,the politicians must see how angry the people are ,its time the corruption was investigated and stopped.

  2. Irony – some of the protests have come about due to the perceived excess spendings on status events such as the World Cup and the Olympics and removals and corruption around these events BUT – if these 2 events weren’t going to be in Brasil how much less world press coverage might recent events have generated – even many of my colleagues/friends who have no real interest in Brasil are starting to show interest (they are sports fans) DOUBLE EDGED SWORD ! ! ! Support for all their efforts

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