Brazil wins the Confederations Cup

Neymar confederations cupBrazil have won the Confederations Cup. They outplayed Spain the World and European Champions. At every game in this competition the crowds sang the Brazilian national anthem with spine tingling passion and gusto. Brazil came into the competition at a low ebb ranked 23rd in FIFA list of the best teams in the world. They exit the competition in a much stronger position.

Let’s hope that what has come to pass on the football pitch is reflected in the changes required in Brazilian civil society. Let’s hope that this victory on the pitch will not be used to pacify the indignation that millions of Brazilians feel towards their political and civil leaders, and indeed FIFA, footballs ruling body, who like the politicians put profit before people.

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  1. I would be a massive shame if football and politics became mutualy exclusive and that one becomes the “whipping boy” for the other. I am old enough to remember when football in this country was by the people and for the people. I watched all the matches and even through the medium of the TV screen the passion and atmosphere was obvious (similar to attending a Wolverhampton Wanderers home game ! ! )
    Support to all and maybe a few more cross cultural faces in the crowd.

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