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People get the Government they deserve, so the saying goes. But maybe in Brazil a more accurate paraphrasing might be… people get the government they have been paid for.


The footballs laid out in front of the Congress building in Brasilia, one for each congress member, are symbolising that the ball is now in the Congress court and they should get on with anti corruption reforms.  Such as eradicating the practice of vote buying. However, this only happens because people are prepared to sell their vote! It is up to each individual voter to bring about the changes they want to see happen.

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  1. it’s hard to stand against the crowd. I wonder how many in this country would take up the offer?

  2. It is interesting to explore the thinking behind people selling their vote. At the time of elections I would often asked the people in Cristino Castro if they were going to sell their vote. The vast majority said: Yes. But why I asked. The most common answer was: Well it really doesn’t matter who we vote for because once in power they are all the same – nothing will change for us, so we might as well get something out of this process. In most democracies across the world the majority of people vote for the party that they consider will be the best for them, the party that will best serve their interests. The poor in rural Brazil don’t believe that any of the parties have their interests at heart so they use the opportunity of elections to take a few crumbs from the electoral cake.

  3. If the politicians become corrupt as soon as they get in government! Why would the poor think their vote will change anything ? The money they receive for their vote must be very tempting when they have so little.

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