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pope2The recent speech given by Pope Francis has generated much interest and debate about whether all good persons regardless of faith will find their name on St Peter’s list. Pope Francis seems to be affirming the message that the role of the church today is less on conversion and more on service and the need to bring about a world that is inclusive of all peoples. However I was drawn to the phrase:  “..The root of this possibility of doing good—that we all have—is in creation.”  Which suggests a move away from dualism, and the notion I was brought up with that God and happiness resides outside of this world. I am looking forward to what Pope Francis  has to say to the young people at World Youth Day in Rio later this month, where two VinB volunteers, Martin and Martina, are hoping to take part.

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  1. As the Buddha said to the pope – “I must be careful that my Karma doesn’t run over your Dogma”.

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