What price education?

Each school day Silvia spends three hours making the 14km journey to and from school; alone and in her flip flops!



It’s a journey that involves crossing shrubland that contains hidden dangers, like snakes. Once she reaches the road there are other hazards to negotiate. The heavy traffic in the dry season throws up choking clouds of dust and in the wet season the poor drainage floods the roads in places causing Silvia to wade waist deep in muddy water.  She could avoid the road and take the rail track but this is more remote and she risks been kidnapped by people offering to give her a lift to school.

Even though I don’t enjoy the journey, and sometimes find it very scary, I am willing to do whatever it takes for me to get a good education.   Silvia

The school that she attends is run by Plan, an international aid agency, and while it’s been free to attend primary schools in Tanzania since 2001 only 32% of girls will continue into fee paying secondary education (UNESCO).

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