The Monkey and the Fish

At a recent CAFOD event, Geoff O’Donoghue (CAFOD’s director of International Division) told a story that helps us to think critically about our role in development.

There was a beautiful valley through which flowed a river. Storm after storm raged over the valley and the waters rose flooding everything. A monkey sought safety in the canopy of the trees. The waters kept rising. As the waters reached the canopy the money became aware of a large fish that was struggling to swim against the force of the torrent. Moved by compassion the monkey reached into the waters and lifted the fish to ‘safety’ in the branches of the tree – where the fish died.

You can spend hours unpacking this story – it can teach us a great deal about our approach to development and aid. Do you have any reflections?

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  1. I also heard the story of the monkey and the fish and like all great narratives this one reveals in a simple way profound truths about our humaness. For me it cautioned most clearly about the danger of seeing our way of life as the best and the one to draw others into.

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