A national scandal

sentamu1Dr John Sentamu claims that the scale of low pay in Britain is a national scandal’ and yesterday he took up the chair of the Living Wage Commission, a 12 month investigation into the future of the Living Wage.

The Commission wants to hear from you if you are paid less than the Living Wage (£8.55 in London, £7.45 elsewhere). Tell the Commission how low pay affects your life by completing a simple form.

Millions of people across the country will get up today, leave their families and travel to work to carry out jobs that we all depend on. They will care for people, serve us food, clean the spaces that we all use and share. They will do more than a fair day’s work, but they won’t get a fair day’s pay!   Dr John Sentamu

INFO: A Living Wage is defined as a wage set to ensure a basic but acceptable standard of living.

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  1. sandra f

    Three cheers – and the rest – for a man of conviction!

  2. Jenny Doran

    Maybe now the gap between rich and poor might stop widening.

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