Doreen Lawrence was always a lady … now it is official

A big congratulations from VinB goes out to Doreen Lawrence who will shortly join the House of Lords as a Labour Peer.

doreenDoreen Lawrence is a hero of modern Britain. The strength and courage she has shown in her fight for justice for her son Stephen has had a profound impact on attitudes to racism and policing. Her campaigning has changed, and will continue to change, our country for the better.    Labour spokesperson


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  1. Good news to hear that Doreen Lawrence is now a Peer.
    Lets hope that she can open the eyes and ears of the other
    Peers in the House of Lords.

  2. This is very welcome news! What a tragic story however and a truly awful reflection on aspects of our society. And I stress “our”. We have to take responsibility and act in extraordinary ways to make it better. This woman’s fight to unpick wrongs is salutary. Three cheers for this peer!

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