If you watch nothing else…..watch this!

Get ready to be charmed, heart warmed and uplifted by a charity advert that is so different.

An amazing video because it allows Kenya the opportunity to be proud; full of excitement, colour, and promise and all communicated through the joy of a little boy.

So refreshing and yet so powerful because we are challenged by knowing that the odds of him surviving to become a Maasai warrior are stacked against him through the structures and systems that cause and perpetuate water insecurity.

Thank you to Water is Life for making the video.

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  1. Anne Nester

    The charity video was totally not what was expected .
    I agree a beautiful film and a bucket list any 4 year old would be proud of.

    1. margaret

      Anne I think you have hit the nail on the head, this little boy could be any little boy and brings into sharp focus the life defining difference that a child’s place of birth makes in our unequal world.

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