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After the departure of our English friends and the end of Festeijo the life in Cristino came back to normal. Children returned to school, the classes started again. However, Brazilians without parties are not Brazilians. September and October are months of other festeijos in all neighbouring towns of Bom Jesus, Palmeira, Santa Luz and Alvorada. I don’t think I will be able to cope with all of them but it would be nice to participate at least some days.

Thanks to visit of Joe’s group ‘my children’ returned to English classes with higher self-confidence. On the day of reunion they found out that they are able to speak English. They were just jumping around….. and asking when the next English class starts. It was very powerful moment for me. Now, I am concentrating to teach them more vocabulary to be able to talk more independently. At the same time I am trying to organise activities out of classroom. We have already gone to the river Gurgueia and to swimming pool. I am planning to show them project at Boa Esperanca, play table tennis, preparing small theatre performance and other things. I also started to visit regularly Lagoa Grande, the place where English group had a lunch at the house of Miguel’s brother Raúl. I formed there two classes who would learn English. Also, I started conversational classes for English teachers to help them with pronunciation and vocabulary. This class is followed by beginner’s group of friends and supporters of our volunteer programme. Soon, we start visiting towns and interiors to talk to people and invite new students to join agricultural college next year.

My free time activities have varied from cycling trip to near by community of Sítio to revisiting cachaca distillery at Palmeira. This time it was at full moon and we had a lot of time to hear stories of landlord Nonato. On 7th September we celebrated Brazilian Day of Independence. Students from local schools marched along town’s main road. They were dressed in costumes symbolising various periods of Brazilian history and culture such as Indians, Portugueses, Independence movements, presidents, writers and others.

These were my short news from Piaui. I hope I will be able to share with you many positive news soon. Greetings from Brazil to England!

Martin, Cristino Castro, 23rd September 2010

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  1. Hi Martin, Thank you for reminding me of the the lovely places and people we met during our time in Christina. We all thought you were a gifted teacher and I especially remember the warmth with which the children responded to you.
    Take care.

  2. Hi Martin! Thanks for the great reading! As I can see, you are doing a fabulous job. It’s also great to see how you are very familiar with people and the enviroment. Congratulations!
    Love from all of us in Rio!

  3. Oi Martin
    Our recent visit to the projects in Brazil was brilliant really was an experiance and a half. It was good to see you again after meeting you here in Chipping. The amazing thing was that you appeared to have been a lifetime Brasileiro and the way the children respond to you is fantastic. As well as your many local freinds I do hope you decide to stay on and that it is possible for you to do so. Keep up the great work you are doing. I will look forward to meeting you again oneside of the atlantic or the other.
    Tchau Keith

  4. Thank you Margaret, Keith and Beth for encouraging messages. I will keep you updated. Greetings to Chipping and Rio!

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