The deception of education

examResultsLooks like these youngsters are the winners with much to celebrate, but not according to one American student who argues a very different perspective.

We work and we borrow in order to borrow. And the jobs we work towards are the jobs we already have. Close to three quarters of students work while in school, many full time; for most, the level of employment we obtain while students is the same that awaits after graduation. Meanwhile, what we acquire isn’t education; it’s debt. We work to make money we have already spent, and our future labor has already been sold on the worst market around.[….} What we learn is the choreography of credit[…] Yesterday’s finance majors buy their summer houses with the bleak futures of today’s humanities majors. This is the prospect for which we have been preparing since grade-school.

An extract from  Learning  Futures (2011)  Keri Facer

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