Much more than green shoots

It’s always a delight to catch up and experience again  the warmth and enthusiasm of Fabiana and Similde. Join them as they  walk us round their impeccable market  garden and discuss their ideas for further development.

A few months ago they used a VinB micro loan to install a mechanical irrigation system on their market garden,which  enabled them to increase  production and  improve the standard of living for  themselves and their two young daughters.

If making a difference to families in this way appeals then you can learn more about how the micro loan system works, and contact us if you wish to get involved.

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  1. Great to see something of what happens from people allocated micro loans makes it a worthwhile cause from our side.
    Fabiana & Similde look to have a very professional setup .
    Hope we can have occasional updates and also more from other people involved.

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