Volte sempre (always come back)

VinB volunteer Martina has arrived in Rio to complete her placement in the Living and Learning Project and found time to  reflects on her time in Cristino.

saying goodbye from Cristino

Cristino Castro became my home and I am very thankful to everyone, especially to my host family, my Brazilian mum Dona Maroca and her family, Miguel, Ronaldo and Marta and all the people who influenced my life in so many different ways. Along with the sadness it is also a time to celebrate, to be thankful and to move on with a hope to see them again! I’m missing my students. I learnt much from them, not just the language but also about the Brazilian culture, traditions and admirable hospitality. Sometimes they had been a challenge, but always an amazing challenge which helps you to grow. Now I am looking forward to getting to know everyone in the Living and Learning Project. Martina

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  1. From the rural to the urban, the countryside to the big city is a path that many Brazilians have taken. It will be interesting to read Martina’s experience over the coming months.

  2. Martina thanks for your time & effort in Cristino good luck with the move to Rio sure it is a good move do you no harm to make it as Joe says following the path of many Brazilians from rural countryside to the city look forward to following your further progress.

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