Sugar and land grabbing not a sweet issue

VinB has raised the issue of ‘Land Grabbing’ many times, usually focusing on the injustice suffered by indigenous peoples who are forced from the land they have lived on for generations. Often because they cannot produce documented proof of ownership and lack the resources to fight complicated protracted legal battles.

Pepsi-Cola, PepsiCo and the giant retailer Associated British Foods plc whose ‘Silver Spoon’ label is a UK brand leader, are buyers of sugar supplied by growers involved in ‘Land Grabbing’. Oxfam cite ‘slack policy’ as an issue and are leading a campaign to persuade these giant retailing companies to tighten up policy and take responsibility as some of the world’s biggest buyers of sugar to ensure that sugar growing does not lead to land grabbing.

Sign the petition and let the companies know the strength of public feeling;they care what the public think because we buy what they sell.

You can find out how your favourite brands score on workers rights and conditions in Oxfam’s excellent ‘Behind the brands‘ campaign.

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  1. Once again, thanks VinB for drawing our attention to a dreadful situation….. and congrats to Oxfam for a quite shocking video… but a powerfully mediated expose (plus accent!) of yet another unsavoury aspect of land-grabbing …. bitter-sweet! VinB is making me think – yet again!

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