Storms in Cristino

Boa Esperanca storm damage

Storms brought havoc to Cristino in N.E. Brazil earlier this week. Causing damage to VinB’s volunteer accommodation and agricultural building.

Miguel's cows

A stark reminder of the weather extremes that farmer’s battle with.


  1. Yikes! That is some damage! And isn’t that key to the problem? …. The vulnerable are vulnerable on every front…. Best wishes to all concerned. Hope folks find the strength and stamina to re-build…..

  2. Sobering pictures – when you are living on the “edge” in the first place then any natural or man made incident/disaster can tip the balance. How many on this planet live on that edge and how can those of us living safely well away from the precipice best help throw them a life line to pull them back. Look with interest to further reports on the nature and extent of the damage in this area.

  3. Totinha and Miguel from Cristino say that this is the worst storm that they have ever experienced in Cristino Castro – they are both the upper side of 50 years of age. Miguel has reported many time that the climate does seem to be changing. The north east of Brazil already suffers from terrible droughts – I hope and pray that Climate Change will not make this situation even worse, for as always, it is the poor and most vulnerable (often the ones least responsible) who suffer the greatest impact.

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