Where is Africa….sadly not where it should be

Africa = 15% of world’s population + 20% of world’s land mass + diverse and substantial natural resources = the poorest people on the earth ?

Merrill Cook of Policymic.com has developed an interactive map that enables country to country comparison in seven key areas starting with health, economics and education. When using the map it is important to bear in mind that the numbers have gone through a series of averaging and scaling and that the data for conflict is based on the last 40 years. However the graphic does highlight the huge inequalities that exist, the chronic lack of basic services that people endure, poor government but on a more optimistic note the progress that some countries are making. Its not all war and famine but we know that much more could be done through reforming the structures of international trade and taxation.

Scoring Africa

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  1. Really like this but I am a Geographer ! ! ! Every picture tells a story – this ones not so pretty ! !

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