Water… a right for all

Dave, our volunteer in the Living and Learning project in Rio, has spent the last few days without running water.  This is what he thought:

So – if you think that I am just a lefty, pinko, bleeding heart please move on BUT in this modern age of technology can we not ensure that everybody in the World has access to clean, safe water. Having caught a nasty waterborne parasite in India which western medicines took 5 months to cure and now we have been without water for just 3 days it makes it even more real to me as to how lucky we are with our Water system (although it should never be a private company more a state utility).

Here in Rio we at least had access to swimming pool water so we could flush the toilets and could buy bottled drinking water. I don’t think our friends in the favelas had the same privilege. On Monday most of the children were absent from the project as they had to help their parents carry water!!

Sorry rant over BUT WHAT IS A MORE BASIC NEED THAN WATER ? If you agree and have time please take a look at the WaterAid site.


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