Hunting the Light

Home to five million people, thirty thousand islands and the Aurora  Borealis. With Vinb chairman  Joe and Rosalba busy  in N.E. Brazil, husband/trustee  Keith and I have slipped off on our own mission aboard the Trollfjord. A cruise/post/ferry vessel  that serves the settlements along the Norwegian coast between Bergen and Kirkenes and affords it passengers views of the  Northern Lights, though there are no guarantees! It all depends on the solar winds so our friend tells us.

Three days into our trip and already our memories will be crowded by images of majestic sombre snow dusted mountains rising from the waters, broken only by occasional coastal strips of habitable land; some affording larger town settlements but innumerable little ribbons of land that are home to communities of maybe twenty or thirty families. The days are short and grey and our Norwegian guide tells us that the people of Trondheim  are anxious for the light reflecting snows to arrive with the  distraction of snow sports.

I had not taken the possibility of sea sickness seriously and once again the sea is getting a bit choppy and I had better get to the cabin whilst I can still stay on my feet.


  1. Ooooh what contrast to tales from Brazil! Sincerely hope any sea-sickness was averted…… and that the solar winds danced their most magnificently coloured and whirling tango for you…..

  2. I wanted to comment on the quite disgraceful quote featured in your header board : “of the uk’s top hundred companies, only six pay all their staff a living wage.” Whilst I acknowledge the “all their staff” qualification, it is still a stark statistic!

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