News round up

It has been a hectic couple of weeks for the trustees, volunteers and the projects.

Our adventure in snowy Norway continued  with an awesome  dog sledding adventure a visit to the north Cape and  unscheduled coach journey over the mountains to the airport because the ship’s captain made the decision to change course and head south  to find shelter  from an impeding gale force 9 storm.

Very different weather conditions from Rio where temperatures

Samba band

topping 30 degrees have not stopped volunteers Dave and Shelagh  from getting involved in beach trips, parties and Samba concerts with youngsters from the Living and Learning project.

Meanwhile Joe and Rosalba up in the North East have finished the VinB business and headed back to Teresina.

Much closer to home fellow VinB trustees Mary and David have been busy welcoming a new grandson into the world and for David a replacement hip joint.

boy on beach


Just to let you know what the volunteers and youngsters are having to put up with in Rio.

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  1. Many congratulations to David and Mary on the recent arrival (and the new hip). Shelagh looks forward to taking David Samba dancing at Christmas. Also all the best to the Trustees (wherever they are). The pictures above are Wesley “jamming” with the “professionals” and Rafael who was absolutely fascinated by the prints his feet made in the sand. Both have very troubled family histories and to see them involved is great

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