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Meeting the basic needs of food and shelter for the children and families of war torn Syria makes uncomfortable reading when contrasted with the wants generated by our capitalist consumer driven economy.
Keynes  predicted that by 2030 technology would have developed sufficiently to take over the burden of production and provide sufficient earnings from a few hours of work to live the ‘good life’. Capitalism would have served its purpose ! Sadly  it has not worked out that way, instead capitalism  has become the master persuading us that  the  ‘the good life’ is to be found in consumerism and effectively confusing and conflating  wants and needs.

Our task is to work out what the universal features of a ‘good life’ are and how to achieve them for all.  It is heartening that  out of the disillusionment  with  the current economic systems  there is an groundswell of  interest and thinking about  what constitutes a ‘good life’.

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