Right Relationship!

A brief reflection on the notion of Justice.

One definition of Justice that speaks to me is: Right Relationship – the understanding goes: If I don’t pay someone a fair days pay for the work they have done for me then I am not in ‘right relationship’ with that person. If I knowingly wear products that have been produced by slave-like labour then I am not in right relationship with the producers of my clothes. If I am having an affair with another person then I am not in right relationship with my spouse and children. If I am burning fossil fuels with no regard to the consequences that I am not in right relationship with the natural world.

Further, it is often said that we cannot have peace without justice. If we abuse, neglect, take advantage of our relationships then we will not experience peace nor will we help to create a peaceful world.

Establishing and nurturing good relationships is central to the notion of Justice. This includes our relationship with money, alcohol and food – but more on this in a later post.




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