A new year – a new mission

Dave & Shelagh Richardson are returning to Rio to lend a helping hand

Having spent much of January helping to paint the Church at Lee House Dave & Shelagh are packing their bags ready to set off on another missionĀ Flying hometo help young people from marginalised communities to prepare and participate in Rio’s famous carnival.

Working along side Tom Ashe (a musician from Yorkshire) and Beth Sarlo ( the coordinator of the project), Dave & Shelagh will place all their many talents and abilities at the service of the young people.

In the run up to departure they are trying to cram as many brass instruments into their suitcases as possible – sent by Tom’s mum via schools in Doncaster. If you happen to have an instrument going spare do let us know!

I am sure you would like to join me in hoping their hips can hold out to the physicality of Carnival.


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  1. Slightly dodgy photo ! 3 days in we feel at home again thanks to old friends in Rio. The children’s band performed in front of a very discerning, knowledgeable crowd on Monday. Videos to follow.

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