Maicon’s project is approved

Maicon Mendes de Carvalho, who lives in Vale do Gurgueia, 45km’s from Cristino Castro, has a plan to rear pigs to generate an extra income for his family.

Maicon is a young farmer studying at his local Agricultural College. Like many young farmers in the region he wants to continue farming despite the harsh climatic conditions. With the support of Oliveira, our local Agronomist and coordinator of VinB’s micro loan project, Maicon submitted a funding application to enable him to start rearing pigs.

At home in Vale do Gurgueia
At home in Vale do Gurgueia

The trustees met last week and approved his application. Oliveira will now work along side Maicon is establishing a small scale pig rearing project.

Maicon will also receive support from Technicians and Vets connected to the Agricultural College in Cristino Castro.

We look forward to receiving news about the project and we wish Maicon and his family every success.

In two year time Maicon will repay the loan (interest free) and the money will be recycled to support another family.

If you would like to help VinB in our support of people like Maicon then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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  1. Great! That’s good news! I wish good luck to Maicon and all other project projects.

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