Grant Approval

The trustees agree a grant to install a water tank at the Agricultural College in Cristino Castro.

Volunteer in Brazil has been working with the Agricultural College in Cristino Castro for several years now. Gabrial Davies, ┬áMartin Vittek and Martina Balazova (VinB volunteers) all taught English at the College. Martin was instrumental in helping to set VinB’s micro loan programme that supports a number of agricultural students from the college in setting up income generation projects with their families.

The college provides a secondary education that is rooted in the lives of young people who live and work on the land. The learning that takes place is relevant and appropriate to the needs of young people who want to apply their knowledge and understanding to helping to develop their family farms. Students spend 15 days studying and boarding at the college followed by 15 days back on the farm applying their knowledge.

Growing Veg - Agricultural CollegeThe College was in need of a secondary water tank to store water for irrigation purposes. The college produces all the vegetable required to feed the students as well as producing a surplus to generate an income for college funds.

The trustees were very happy to support the college with the great work that it is doing supporting young people in the region.

In turn the trustees would like to thank the generous support that local schools and individuals in the UK are providing to make this possible.



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