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From Rio to Newcastle, Rose can't wait!
From Rio to Newcastle, Rose can’t wait!
Hello everybody my name’s Rosimeire, I ‘m from Brazil. I’m 29 years olds. I have always worked with children in Brazil. I like children and I love to help them.  Right now I am living the best moments of  my life. I ‘m preparing to go to England for one year. I will be working as a Volunteer in Newcastle. I believe this will be the biggest experience of my life. This will be my first time traveling abroad, I’m very excited. My expectations is to learn from this experience and to became a better person so that I can serve the world better. I’m a spiritual person and I want to live my faith and do what God calls me to do. Being  a volunteer in Newcastle will be a challenge but I will put my hands, head and my heart into everything and I will give and  I will receive. I want to give my whole being . It will be very interesting to get to know and participate in another culture. I would like to thank the VinB trustees for helping me on this journey. I would also like to thank Helen Granger, she is the coordinator of Assumption Lay Volunteer Programme and she has really helped me. Thanks also to the Assumption Religious as they have supported me for a long time.  I ask for your prayers for me and for all the young people who will be volunteering this year. I know this experience will transform my life!
Sorry about my English…
Rosimeire Brito

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  1. I wish you all the best in your new life experience. I’m sure you will be a very good volunteer and people will enjoy a lot work with you and your freindship!

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