A growing litter

Maicon’s micro credit project is bearing fruit (well pigs)!!

Maicon is a student at the Agricultural College in Cristino Castro. His initial investment in building a pig sty and buying a couple of sows is paying off.

A growing litter
A growing litter

A second litter of piglets is welcomed into the the fold.

Maicon is also on schedule for repaying his micro credit loan.

Maicon is really pleased with the fruit of his labour and he is hoping to increase production in the coming months.

Oliveira visits Maicon on a regular basis to provide support and advice.

His mum and family help Maicon with the daily routine of feeding and caring for the growing litter.

Well done Maicon.

Maicon with his mum and the expanding pig sty.
Maicon with his mum and the expanding pig sty.


We will follow Maicon’s project with great interest.

Maicon’s project is one of many small projects that Volunteer in Brazil supports.

We are always looking for more resources to help more families to invest in small income generating projects.



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