Volunteer in Brazil and Favela Brass

VinB continues to support young people and families in the Santa Teresa district of Rio through the Favela Brass Project.

Brass instruments are extremely expensive to buy in Brazil and brass tuition is almost non-existent in Rio’s state school system. Net result: children in Rio’s low-income neighbourhoods rarely learn to play brass, which is a huge shame considering that music plays such a central role in the cultural and social life of the city. The Favela Brass project aims to change that situation for children in a small favela (slum) called Pereira da Silva.

Tom Ashe and the Favela Brass project
Tom Ashe and the Favela Brass project

Each of the 30 local children enrolled in the project have free lessons three times a week in the house of British trumpet player and project founder Tom Ashe, located in the heart of the community. They also get to borrow brass instruments, nearly all donated by friends in the UK and USA, to practice on between lessons. The long-term aim of the project is to establish a new musical tradition that mixes New Orleans “Second Line” brass band music with Rio’s rich samba school tradition.

Check out the project at: http://www.favelabrass.org/

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