Sheep or goats?

Elias, a young farmer studying at the Agricultural College in Cristino Castro, is up and running with his new project.

Like many other young farmers in the region Elias is hoping to stay on his family farm and make a living from the land.

Sheep or Goats?

Sheep or Goats?

With the financial support of VinB and the technical support of Oliveira Elias has embarked on a new venture to raise animals that can thrive in semi arid conditions.

But can you tell whether his animals are sheep or goats?

In fact they are sheep!

But many a visitor to the region would easily make the mistake of identifying them as goats. Goats are also reared in the region but they are more difficult to rear because of their ‘adventurous’ nature. Sheep are more passive and docile.

We look forward to receiving updates on Elias’s flock

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